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100-minute program includes 2 audio CDs and 8-page study guide
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Audio CD Program for Recruiters, Owners & Managers
Advanced Strategies for Recruiters 

At last! A modern, no-nonsense guide that zooms past the basics. If you want to accelerate your personal or office production and learn the “finer points” of the recruiting business, check this out! Here’s what you’ll learn from this innovative—and insightful—program:

 Disk 1  The hidden power of business models How to build a bullet-proof recruiting system The secret to selling premium fees and retainers How to leverage your database (and other recruiters) Why most recruiting scripts fail • Why too much training can hurt your business How to exploit economies of scale.

 Disk 2  The realities of voice mail, e-mail and online recruiting How to make voice mail and e-mail work for you How innovations in technology can affect your business Why your “marketing” program may be advertising in disguise • How to apply different performance ratios to your business How to profit from your Web site Seven skills of highly effective recruiters.

Packed with dozens of real-life concepts, Advanced Strategies also includes: Why you can’t teach cold calling •
Voice message strategies Why old habits can’t be broken The unintended consequences of splits Why there are only two desk specialties Why “online recruiting” is an oxymoron How to work the employment pyramid for higher profits.

“A different approach than I’ve seen before ... made me reassess some long-held opinions.”

—Paul Hawkinson, Founder, The Fordyce Letter

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Job-Seeker Resources for Your Web Site

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Easy-to-read articles on resumes and interviewing

Set of 20 reports on one CD, download or PDF file

Performance Tracking
& Goal-Setting Programs

Strategies to motivate, train and improve
recruiter productivity

Set of two 30-minute audio CDs

Templates & Business Forms
for Recruiters

Forms, contracts, worksheets
and fee agreement letters are
tools of the trade

Set of 9 one-page templates in MS Word on one CD, download or PDF file

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