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A step-by-step guide to recruiting, marketing and writing job orders

3-hour program includes
4 audio CDs and 12-page
study guide

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"A great program—concise
and practical."
Ken Hubbard, Time Services, Inc.

Quick-Start Recruiter Training
Audio BOOT CAMP for Rookies

!  A powerful, hands-on training program that teaches new recruiters their first and most important skills. If you want FAST results, this program is a must! You'll get:


 Disk 1   A World-Class Profession
How to Earn the Most Money in the Least
Amount of Time
• A Recruiter’s View of the
Job Market
• Selling the Value of Your
• Daily Telephone Time • Industry
• The Life Cycle of a Placement
• Quick-Start Business Strategy • Insider
Tips for Owners
 Disk 3   Art & Science of Job Orders
Finding Your Niche in the Employment
• What Makes a Good-Money
• How to Write Top-Quality Job
• Assessing Risk and Reward
• Negotiating Tactics • Fee Agreements and
Employment Guarantees
• How to Work with
the HR Staff
 Disk 2   Recruiting & Screening
Active vs. Passive Candidates • Thriving in
the Resume Culture
• How to Use
Applications and Data Sheets
• Qualifying
the Candidate
• 10 Sources of Candidates
• Cold Calling Strategies • How to Handle
Common Objections
• Getting Past
Gatekeepers and Firewalls
 Disk 4   Fast Business Development
The Service Call Presentation • How to
Design a Marketing Script
• Universal
Qualities of an MPA
• How to Find and
Screen Marketable Candidates
• Fast and
Effective Reference Checking
• How to
Navigate Both a "Yes" and a "No"
• Your
Roadmap for the Future


 FREE Bonus CD  Recruiting Forms, Contracts and Worksheets
he tools you need for quick-start recruiting success! Includes: Job Search Application • Candidate Data Sheet • Job Order Form • Reference Check Worksheet • Candidate Marketing Log • Search Log • Fee Agreement Letters   [All documents in MS Word format]

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