“Your materials are by far the best and
most professional.”

—Tim Noble, president, Avery Point Group



Recruit more candidates with high quality job orders and search assignments.

100-minute program includes 2 audio CDs and 8-page study guide

100-Minute Audio CD Program
How to Write High-Profit Job Orders

The ultimate guide to filling high-quality jobs and building long-term client accounts.

 Disk 1  Assessment, Preparation and Job Order Control
How to evaluate the employer
’s sense of urgency • Maintain control of the question and answer format • Upgrade the client’s perception of your value • Test for employer commitment using trial closes • Stimulate your candidate flow and database • Enhance your reputation from every search • Increase your coverage potential • Set expectations and deliverables to enhance your effectiveness.

 Disk 2  First-Class Fees and Guarantees
Discover how to trade premium fees for premium service
• Sidestep excessive rules, regulations and restrictions • Identify the affluent buyer • Avoid unfair fee and guarantee agreements • Recognize and deal with sleazy negotiating gambits • Find equitable negotiating tradeoffs • Exploit your competitive advantage in the marketplace • Sell more effectively to self-actualized buyers.

Plus, answers to these commonly asked questions:

How do I deal with agency agreements? What if a client is using other recruiters? Should I put my fee agreements in writing?

“I found the information extremely relevant and look forward to greater productivity by writing better job orders.”

                  — Andrea Hanowitz, Senior Consultant, Eric Roberts Associates

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Online, offline, referral
and cold-call strategies

Hundreds of techniques to handle difficult situations

Teaches the most important cash-generating skills—fast Powerful strategies for
business development
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200-page softcover book 2-hour audio program 100-minute audio program 100-minute audio program
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Job-Seeker Resources for Your Web Site

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Easy-to-read articles on resumes and interviewing

Set of 20 reports on one CD, download or PDF file

Performance Tracking
& Goal-Setting Programs

Strategies to motivate, train and improve
recruiter productivity

Set of two 30-minute audio CDs

Templates & Business Forms
for Recruiters

Forms, contracts, worksheets
and fee agreement letters are
tools of the trade

Set of 9 one-page templates in MS Word on one CD, download or PDF file

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