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Market your recruiting and placement services quickly and efficiently!

100-minute program includes 
2 audio CDs and 8-page
study guide

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100-minute audio program on CDs or MP3
How to Market & Sell Your Recruiting Services

Best-selling program contains the industry’s most powerful methods for marketing and selling your company’s recruiting services to prospective clients.

 Disk 1  The Power of Candidate Marketing
How to gain access to decision makers • Storyboard your marketing script • Discover hidden business opportunities • Handle common objections and concerns • Build name recognition and credibility within your target market • Establish high-quality dialogue with hiring managers • Turn prospects into clients by closing on commitments.

 Disk 2  Aggressive Sales, Research and Lead Generation
How to improve your selling skills • Set higher standards for your prospects • Qualify early to increase your odds • Follow the paper trail to high-quality leads • Create a market genealogy to guide your research • Utilize the Internet and other sources of unpaid advertising • Maximize your advertising and direct marketing results.

Plus, answers to these common questions: Should I market outside my area of specialty? What if my marketing presentation falls flat? How often do I visit my prospects? How do I market my service to internal recruiters or corporate HR staff?

“Our recruiters learned things from you in a couple of hours that would have taken them years to learn otherwise.”

—Tom Carter, Manager, Quest Systems, Inc.

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