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Recruit with greater
efficiency to
make more placements.

Softcover book, 224 pages




The recruiter's guide to talking less and billing more
Shut Up and Make More Money!

Designed for every recruiter seeking to master the techniques used by top industry performers. Includes tools, training tips and methods every recruiter needs to increase control, improve productivity, fill more jobs and earn additional income!

Contains hundreds of ideas and tricks of the trade.
Includes: How to market your service with power and authority
Increase the level of client commitment Negotiate for up-front retainers and engagement fees Multiply the economic impact of resumes and cover letters Strengthen your candidates' interviewing skills.

Over 30 pages of letters, forms and navigators.
et organized
and gain control with written tools that save time and increase your earnings! Shut Up & Make More Money includes marketing letters for increased revenues proposals, contracts and follow-on contracts executive search navigators recruiting logs and candidate-marketing logs business forms to measure activity and track performance effective promotional ideas for your search practice compensation comparisons to facilitate candidate career decisions   and much more. The perfect guide to increasing your earnings as a recruiter, marketing manager or search director!

A strongly recommended addition to your training bookshelf.

Paul Hawkinson, Founder, The Fordyce Letter

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