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Learn the vocabulary of
recruiting to fill more jobs
and increase productivity.

Softcover book
144 pages


eBook version for
Kindle, Nook and all eReaders
144 pages

A vital source of ammunition for recruiters of all levels of expertise.
The all-time best-seller!
The Recruiter's Almanac of Scripts, Rebuttals and Closes

Contains countless recruiter-tested techniques and instruction for handling every phase of the search and placement process. It's the ultimate tool for smooth dialogue, improved rapport and higher billings! Includes:
How to handle common objections and concerns
Presentations for new business development
Quick counteroffer counter-tactics
Closing and preclosing questions for higher closure ratios
Fool-proof methods for getting a commitment on a salary offer
The one question you should always ask before extending an offer
Managing the essential elements of a placement.

The definitive resource of recruiter phrases.
An invaluable friend to rookies and veterans alike, The Recruiter's Almanac includes over 25 practice dialogues to help improve your selling vocabulary and handle difficult situations with ease. Breaks the business into six basic stages:

Marketing your recruiting services
Job order control
Negotiating fees and guarantee policies
Recruiting and qualifying candidates
Interview preparation and debriefing
Job offer acceptance and counteroffer refusal tactics.

"Right on target! 'The Recruiter's Almanac' is readable, reliable, rational and respectable.

Robert O. Snelling, Founder, Snelling Personnel Services

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