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Bill Radin's
Winning Strategies for Recruiters

“Your materials are by far the best
and most professional.”


Tim Noble, president, Avery Point Group


Recruiting Forms, Contracts & Worksheets: Templates for Recruiters

Indispensable tools!
These templates can help you save time, get organized and keep better records. And the fee agreement letters will help you establish control and clarify your terms and conditions.

All documents are written in MS Word format for easy editing and duplication.

Digital file - Free shipping!

Job Search Application Fee Agreement Letter Job Order Worksheet
(Included free with the Boot Camp for Rookies)
Set of nine one-page templates include:
• Job Search Application • Candidate Marketing Log
• Candidate Data Sheet • Search Log
• Reference Check Worksheet • Job Order Worksheet
• Fee Agreement Letters (3 different versions)

Career Development Reports: Web Site Content & Candidate Training

Add value to your recruiting, search and placement services and give your candidates the competitive edge. Here's what they look like on a recruiter's website:


Pump up your company's Web site and enhance your professional image with 20 easy-to-read articles on resumes, interviewing and career strategy. Each report covers an essential job-changing skill necessary to compete effectively in todays tough employment marketplace. The complete set of Reports includes:
 Resume Design
 • Resume Design: Tips & Templates • Choosing a Resume Format
 • Ten Keys to a Dynamite Resume • Beefing Up an Anemic Resume
 • A Resume to Increase Your Odds • The Dangers of Resume Overkill
       (View sample Web page)
 Interviewing Tips
 • The Secret to Interview Success • What Should You Ask the Interviewer?
 • Don't Talk Yourself Out of a Job • How to Prepare for Classic Questions
 • How to Answer Interview Questions
• Discussing the Subject of Money
 Career Strategy Advice
 • Position Comparison Guide • Your Career: It Pays to Diversify
 • What Does the Job Really Pay? • The Proper Way to Resign
 • Salary Negotiation Techniques • How to Leave a Job Gracefully
 • Intelligent Job-Changing Strategy • Resignation—or Retaliation?
Set of 20 copyright-free reports in MS Word format on one CD
“I showed your Position Comparison Guide to a candidate who was wavering on the opportunity. It helped our relationship, because she saw me as someone who was truly concerned with her career. Thank you for helping me secure a $23,000 fee.” 

Larry Brill, Vice President, Recruiter Solutions International

Tools for Recruiters: Web Site Content, Business Forms and Performance Guides

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Job-Seeker Resources for
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Templates & Business
Forms for Recruiters
Performance Tracking
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Easy-to-read articles on resumes, careers and interviewing Save time, get organized and
clarify your terms.
Strategies to motivate, train and improve recruiter productivity
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$49.95 Info



Set of 20 reports on CD,
download or PDF file
Set of 9 one-page templates in
MS Word on one CD or download
Set of two 30-minute
audio CDs or MP3 download

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