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Winning Strategies for Recruiters

Three DVDs by Doug Beabout
Taking Your Recruiting Business to New Heights

 New!  Recruiter training for today's challenging times, as taught by a top industry leader, author and visionary.

 DVD 1   Selling Search
New hiring managers, new conditions, economic challenges all demand that we recreate our techniques and approach to selling search. Doug shares innovative and inventive practices that seize searches and contained projects, yes especially now!

 DVD 2   Recruiting Edges
The tried-and-true practices of recruiting have lost much of their impact. Doug shares how to "visioneer" a recruiting effort that grabs the interest and commitment of today's discerning and best qualified candidates. Hold on fast as he shakes the very foundations of our past beliefs and replaces them with tomorrow's successful approaches.

 DVD 3   Closing Process
Bringing a passive candidate from an interrupting phone call to the acceptance of major life change will not happen with a few magic lines. Value-based closing practices require a full commitment and skilled effort from concept to start date. Doug shares how he and other top producers close more placements, regardless of the economy.

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2-hour audio program 144-page softcover book 3-hour audio program 100-minute audio program

Online, offline, referral
and cold-call strategies

Hundreds of techniques to handle difficult situations

Teaches the most important cash-generating skills—fast Powerful strategies for
business development
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200-page softcover book 2-hour audio program 100-minute audio program 100-minute audio program
Industry-standard for new and experienced recruiters How to take your recruiting business to the next level Straightforward strategies to keep you focused Systematic tools for owners, managers and pros
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5-hour audio program 224-page softcover book 2-hour audio program 100-minute audio program
Improve relationships with candidates & hiring managers How to use leverage to gain control and boost production Survival secrets of top recruiters and owners Want better candidates? Start by writing better jobs!
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Job-Seeker Resources for Your Web Site

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Easy-to-read articles on resumes and interviewing

Set of 20 reports on one CD, download or PDF file

Performance Tracking
& Goal-Setting Programs

Strategies to motivate, train and improve
recruiter productivity

Set of two 30-minute audio CDs

Templates & Business Forms
for Recruiters

Forms, contracts, worksheets
and fee agreement letters are
tools of the trade

Set of 9 one-page templates in MS Word on one CD, download or PDF file

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