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Practical information
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2-hour program includes
audio CDs and 12-page
study guide

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Quick-Start Guide to
Candidate Sourcing & Recruiting

!   An indispensable resource that covers all aspects of candidate sourcing and recruiting. Includes dozens of online, offline, print and referral-based strategies to locate high-quality candidates to fill your jobs. Topics include:

 Disk 1   Sourcing for Names and Information
Creating a comprehensive recruiting strategy • The difference between candidate sourcing and recruiting • Do you rent or own your candidates? • Four major sources of talent • Getting a head start on your search • Your first and best resource • How to build a candidate profile • Online and offline sources of candidates • Navigating and evaluating job boards and resume banks • The power of split networks • Databases and business directories • Social networks and blogs • How to use meta engines and search tools • How to build a candidate pipeline.

 Disk 2   Recruiting Strategies and Techniques
Telephone sourcing strategies • The “advocate” recruiting script • Finding hidden opportunities for multitasking • Four ways to pitch a job • The job description presentation • Sound bites and talking points • How to diffuse concerns • Feature-to-benefit conversion • The “situation” approach • Using word pictures and visual imagery • Improving your e-mail and job posting response rates • Effective voice mail messages • The intelligent use of e-mail • Five common e-mail mistakes—and how to avoid them • Job postings that get results.

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