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About the Presenters

Bill Radin is one of the most popular and highly regarded trainers in the recruiting industry, and has trained many of the largest recruiting organizations.

Mark Whitby is one of the leading recruitment trainers in the United Kingdom and works with recruiting firms internationally. An expert in motivation and sales performance, Mark is the founder of a web-based recruiter training site.


2-Part Webinar with Bill Radin & Mark Whitby
Candidate Control for Recruiters

How well do you really KNOW your candidates? For example, do you know:


What gets them excited? Exactly what they earn?
What's their real motivation? How well they'll interview?
Will they accept your job offer? Will they take a counteroffer?


If you answered "I'm not sure" to any of these questions, then this engaging and brutally honest 2-part webinar is for you! Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn:



 Part 1: Recruiting, Screening & Pre-Closing
* How to design effective, high-impact recruiting scripts;
* Find the candidate's hot buttons and aversions;
* Maintain control of the screening process;
* Understand the candidate's motivation and sense of urgency;
* Look for red flags and mixed messages;
* Uncover obstacles and potential threats; and
* Handle the most difficult objections and concerns.


 Part 2: Interview Prep, Closing & Counteroffers
* How to prepare for stronger interviews;
* Verify interest and commitment;

Use special techniques to pre-accept the offer;

* Find salary offsets to satisfy candidate needs;
* Determine when to withhold or withdraw the offer;
* Eliminate "turndowns" or deal-breaking delays;
* Shut down counteroffer attempts;
* Assist the candidate in a successful resignation; and
* Close—and protect—the placement.


If you’d like to increase your influence, elevate your confidence and gain greater control of your candidate relationships, I hope you'll join Mark Whitby and Bill Radin for this exciting, one-of-a-kind webinar.

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